For our Customers

We consider our customers as our growth partners. We provide them with high-quality data security and recovery solutions in order to continue generating value for our company.

For our Employees

We instil a performance based culture that recognises entrepreneurship and promotes equality, learning, development, enthusiasm and respect for the individual.


We pledge to manage the company’s resources with a strong sense of initiative, ownership and accontability in order to balance the needs of customers with those of our other shareholders.

Social Responsibility

To participate in the communities within which we work and to continually strive to make a positive impact on the individuals and environment that support us.


Our Mission,
Values and Motto

To elevate the value of digital forensics in the country by providing cutting edge solutions and services that exceed our clients’ expectations.


What we bring to you

IT Forensic Services

◘ Digital Forensics
◘ Mobile Phone Forensics
◘ Cell Site Analysis
◘ Data Recovery
◘ Onsite Investigations
◘ Forensic Readiness Planning


◘ Advisory
◘ Assessment
◘ Incident Response
◘ Penetration Testing
◘ Security Audit
◘ Vulnerability Assessments

ICT Security & Risk Management Consultancy

◘ IS Audits
◘ Develop & Implement Security Policies
◘ Network Management and Monitoring
◘ Vulnerability Assessments
◘ Network Penetration Pests
◘ Protection of Information Systems Assets

Forensic Science

◘ Autopsy
◘ Crime Scene Reconstruction
◘ Arson and Fire
◘ Rape Cases
◘ Toxicology
◘ DNA Forensics
◘ Drug Forensics

Cloud Services

◘ Cloud Services
◘ Cloud Hosting Services
◘ Cloud Consultancy
◘ Cloud Applications
◘ Disaster Recovery & Backup

Corporate Investigations

◘ Data Theft
◘ Forensic Investigations
◘ Digital Forensic Investigations
◘ Social Media Investigations
◘ Employee Investigations
◘ Data Recovery
◘ Document Analysis

Software Solutions

◘ Endpoint Protector
◘ Forensic Toolkit
◘ Intel Security
◘ Event log Analyser
◘ Avast End-Point
◘ MalwareBytes

Detection Services

◘ Detection Services
◘ Employee Monitoring
◘ Industrial Epionage
◘ Malware

Supply and Distribution

◘ Pcs, Laptops
◘ Computer Consumables
◘ Network Equipment
◘ Servers
◘ Spares

Our Projects

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