Our Vision

GENIUS FORENSIC SERVICES is striving to be the provider of FORENSIC SERVICES, ICT SECURITY, DATA SECURITY and DATA RECOVERY SERVICES in Zimbabwe and Namibia. Providing high quality services is simple in principle, but in fact it takes years to master. We should know. GENIUS FORENSIC SERVICES has spent time perfecting the art of delivering exactly what our clients need. By concentrating on people, process and platform GENIUS FORENSIC SERVICES has reached the point where we can deliver award winning, industry leading outsourced ICT SECURITY and strategic services consistently to our clients.

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What do we do?

Our Mission and Values

To elevate the value of digital forensics in the country by providing cutting edge solutions and services that exceed our clients’ expectations.


◘ Our Service Obsession
◘ We employ and retain the very best. Process
◘ Incorporating industry best practice
◘ Employing global standards Platform
◘ Innovation Off The Shelf
◘ Incorporating the very latest technology

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Core Competences


Our passion is not only expressed in the quality of our services, it also characterizes the personality of our people. Without enthusiastic and passionate employees, a company cannot be successful, and we are all too well aware of this.


To identify obstacles to success and create solutions. We hold ourselves accountable for meeting our commitments. We take calculated risks to achieve our goals. We pursue excellence, as individuals and as a coporation, in everything we do.


To act at all times in an honest and ethical manner, with the understanding that our actions, as individuals and as corporate citizens, enhance the quality of life in the communities and organisations in which we do business.


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